Thursday, October 28, 2010

Class of 2011; Suzanne Labelle from San Marcos High School

Being a high school senior is a special time in life - not just for those who are at that point right now or in the near future, but also for everyone who has ever thought back about their "good ol'" (or even "bad ol'") high school days. The words "High School Senior" personify the passage of time for all of us in one way or another.
So, when we got the chance to photograph a senior who has a personality and sense of personal style that combines the best of laughter, sweetness, whimsy, goth, funk, grunge, and a true sense of timelessness - we thought it would be wonderful and unique to take her pictures at a place that also personifies the passage of time. So off we all went to the Orange Empire Railway Museum - classic train cars, classic streetcars, classic signs, classic luggage, even classic postal artifacts and classic telephones - and lots and lots of wonderful rust! This gallery is the result of that trip back in time. A big hug and thank you to Suzanne for being such a wonderful model who looked great as everything from a vintage fairy to a 20's mobster's moll to a 40's ingenue to an 80's super model to a hip rail rider! Girl, you rock!

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