Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A blast from the past.....Part II

I hear ya Diane...! As usual we both look at things a little differently which is why we make such a great team! I'm glad we went back to this place (near Dark Pond, off NH 101) for this image. Definitely will be one of my favorites from the trip. I stepped about 15' to the left and captured this with a Lens Baby Composer with the double plastic optic and an f8 ring in. I added some special effects in photoshop during processing. I love how the effects exaggerated the rust and bubbled up paint on the bicycle. By stepping back a few feet and shooting through the weeds it appears like the bicycle was hiding back in there in an overgrown jungle of neglect. But, this scene was barely 15' off the road, talk about a drive-by shooting!

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