Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 YMCA National Gymnastics Championships

What a week! The 2010 YMCA National Gymnastics Championships. Four days of shooting. More than 2,200 posed photos (yes, I said 2,200 POSED photos). Lots of laughter and fun. Assistance from a WONDERFUL team: Chris from Christopher Wood Photography, and Juliana and Patrick from Lani Ki Photography - you guys absolutely ROCK! Ben and Renee from Feriagrafix - we couldn't have done this without your advice and encouragement. Shawnee and Debra - you were willing and able to come provide help on extremely short notice. 15 hour days. Exhaustion. Bad head cold. 1,500 charming and talented athletes. Coaches and parents who support these kids to the nth degree. I've never experienced anything like it even though I've competed and judged at international karate tournaments.

Now the fun of post processing starts and will continue for the next few weeks. The pictures are spectacular thanks to these phenomenal athletes and our great team - and Mac and I want to share a few before we get entrenched in the order fulfillment process. Thanks very much to one and all! And special thanks to the Cameron Family YMCA for hosting this years event

and more...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beauty Revealed by Accident!

Last fall, Mac and I took some senior shots of these beautiful girls. We have (had) a wonderful wall near downtown San Diego that was perfect for "grunge" shots - you can see that wall in the top two photos.
We drove by yesterday - by accident actually (gotta love that type of accident!) - and saw that the back wall and building behind it had been removed, and lo and behold look what was there! How old is this? And how fun is it! Sadly, it looks like they're preparing to put in a new building which will again cover up this great piece of history. Call us quickly if you want to have a photo shoot here!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chandler's Pics

Mac and I got to photograph a sweetheart yesterday named Chandler, and we got to try out a great newborn photo prop from Kelsey and Jonathan at Quietude Quilts - a wonderful Etsy shop with hand-crafted doll quilts and furniture. They make beautiful hardwood doll beds and when I saw one I had to ask if they could make one sized just right for newborns. As you can see - 15-day-old Chandler thought it was the best! Her mom McKenna picked out the lime and red color scheme, which just pops off the screen and is such a fun change from your typical baby colors.

Thanks to Chandler for posing so perfectly, thanks to McKenna for the opportunity to take pictures of her sweet little new one, and thanks to Kelsey and Jonathan for such a great newborn photo prop. Check out the fun things in their shop (the bunk beds would be absolutely the bomb for twins), and call m+m Photography for your San Diego newborn photos.

Hint hint: If you call and tell us you're having twins - we'll make sure we get that bunk bed set for your photo shoot!

Love working with friends!

Our friend Janet is over learning some Photoshop tricks. We worked on this gorgeous shot she took on a recent trip to Cambodia. I think this is a phenomenal environmental portrait!