Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Renaissance Fair Photo Contest Garners A First Place!

One event Diane & I attend annually is the largest Renaissance Faire on the West Coast. Held in Irwindale, CA, it's called The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire and is a purely great time to walk the pathway until our feet are killing us. At the end of the day (loaded down with heavy camera gear), I am usually heard complaining in the parking lot that I need to find a lighter hobby. Not even a few adult beverages or turkey drumsticks can ease my aching feet...on a brighter note we also enter the faire photo contest each year....

Well, we have great news again this year! We will not be paying for tickets ($25 ea) because Diane took a first place in the general fun category. That makes 3 years in a row we have won free tickets. Diane will receive 10 free tickets and 2 of the 2010 Mugs (we need larger cupboards to store all the mugs- lol) and the second year in row for her. So I guess we are off to the faire some time this month.
You have to hand it to those people. Seven long weekends the participants partake in this great event. Some of the "tribes" actually have a camp inside the venue there - complete with period tents and cooking equipment and they live with only the same amenities that were available in earlier days. Here is the winning image and a few more that we entered. Congratulations to Diane!


A couple more of our entries:

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