Friday, August 14, 2009

Maternity session: Jessica & Cal

(OK)! Finally getting caught up in everything. We know, it never ends! Last weekend with the help of fellow photographer and friend, Juliana of Lani Ki Photography, we met up with Jessica & Cal on the shores of the Pacific at 7am for some wonderful light and fantastic photography. Juliana found a perfect spot complete with some old concrete ruins, magical steps up the hill and rock formations both on the shore and in the water. What a great place J! The tide was just starting to come in so we had some fun posing Jessica on a rock in the water. What a trooper she is, the images came out with her looking like an earth mother! Jessica is proudly serving in the USMC and on leave with a due date around the 9th. Had a great time Jessica & Cal! The other half of m+m will have a few to add shortly but I couldn't wait, so enough yappin' and here are my snappin's:

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