Friday, July 10, 2009

New blog!

Welcome to the new blog. We migrated over from another blog site and feel more at home here with our website marriage with Blogger. Thanks for visiting. The links are above to our site.
Diane & Mac

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Emily & Shane enjoy an afternoon at The Marston House for their engagement photos. We then headed over to Balboa Park for more images. Thanks Emily & Shane. Diane & I had a blast strolling through the Prado with you!
Emily & Shane

Autumn & Joe

Autumn & Joe traveled from their home in Oregon City OR to tie the knot in Pt Loma at the Thursday Club. Despite the overcast the day turned out wonderful for everyone. Autumn & Joe decided that the guests should use a photo booth to take images of themselves and past the images in her scrapbook. What a great idea, it was a huge hit with everyone! The special day ended with Autumn & Joe speeding off on a motorcycle and side cart.

Heather & Bill

m+m operate as 2nd and 3rd Camera in our friends’ ceremony a couple weeks before Bill ships out for Iraq: During in the ceremony Mac takes the choir loft and puts on the long lens to shoot sniper. Diane covers the flanks! We definitely had all the angles covered and a lot of fun.